Our Process

Step 1

It’s All About You

As a custom shop, our designs ensure your new cabinets do more than fill the space with storage. They should also reflect your style and plans for how you intend to use your space. Your ideas start the process! You tell us what you need, what you want, and how you want the space to feel.  Share pictures from any source, Pinterest, Houzz, BHG Magazine, HGTV, or wherever you find inspiration!

Step 2

The Right Choice

We charge by the project, so material costs, labor and finishing can vary greatly depending on what you choose. Based on a few key meetings and some preliminary design drawings, we will provide you with a quote and scope of work.  You’ll know exactly what we will provide for the price.

Step 3

Behind The Design

Once you’re satisfied with the design, the real fun begins! We perfect the details and translate everything to our CAD program or to hand-drawn blueprints. Then, after careful review, we deliver the plans to our mill department, craftsmen builders, and the production team.  Now, your project begins to take shape.

Step 4

From Wood to Good

In our facility, we transform ordinary wood into a work of art. Your lumber and materials are carefully chosen, milled out, and painstakingly built to ensure a perfect fit everywhere. We utilize our extremely well-equipped shop to ensure that we achieve the look and function you want.

Step 5

Show and Tell

Once your cabinetry is built (but before it’s painted or stained) we invite you to our shop to experience your design. You have 2 options. First is to just see the cabinetry units built. Second option is to see it fully assembled and setup as it will be in your home. This option does carry a small charge. If you choose the fully assembled option, we will put your entire project together, in our production facility.  You get to see, feel, and walk through your project, exactly as it will look laid out in your home.  Whether you choose the full setup show and tell, or just a visit to see the pre-finished cabinets, at this meeting we make sure everything is perfect, and you get to finalize your finish and hardware selections.

Step 6

From Good to Great

You’re closer than ever to your finished project!  We bring all your cabinetry upstairs, where it gets carefully sanded, fitted, and then finished in whatever stain or paint you’ve chosen. As soon as this is complete, we’re ready to deliver and install it in your home, where you’ll get to show it off immediately!

Wood to Good to Great – Quality

We take care with every step in the process to ensure you get the product that is just right for you and your family.  This process takes time and attention, and we are committed to your satisfaction and the quality of the products and designs we produce.

Every piece of custom furniture and cabinetry we make comes with a quality craftsman guarantee. No special maintenance required other than cleaning with a damp cloth. If you ever experience problems with warping, cracking, or ill-fitting parts, we will come out and fix them for free, but these instances are rare. We build custom furniture and cabinetry right the first time, with quality workmanship and materials that are designed to last for generations to come.

Strategic Partners - Collaboration

A relationship based on trust and mutual benefit is exactly what we accomplish through strategic partnerships with Designers, Architects, and General Contractors.