Pete H.

Aug 14, 2017 | Testimonials

After buying a new home, Pete and his wife knew they weren’t really happy with some of the cabinetry and existing features of the decor. They did some research and found Adams online with plenty of good reviews.¬†Although Pete had only planned for some improvement of their existing cabinetry, he was so inspired by the designs Adam presented that they ended up tackling several other projects in their new home as well.

“Our project was truly exceptional,” he said. “They came in and improved some of the existing cabinetry, cleaned some things out, and enriched the quality of some other things. But most importantly, they turned one room into my office, which included a built-in desk, drawers, cabinetry, the whole bit. They did the same thing for my wife’s library in another room. They even did some work for us in our bar area and built a custom wine rack. We were delighted.”

Overall, our customers had glowing things to say about the process of the work. “It worked out very well,” he said. “I think they’re really good to work with. Nothing that was out of the ordinary or that we didn’t anticipate. Things always get done in the time frame we need them to get done.”

Concerning workmanship, Pete said “The quality was excellent, and when we needed to call them to address a couple little nuances later on, they were dealt with quite promptly and completely to our satisfaction. We were very happy with our experience with Adams, and we’ve already recommended them!”

Thanks, Pete!


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