Wilhemina A.

Aug 14, 2017 | Testimonials

“They did a phenomenal job, absolutely phenomenal, in every area that they touched. “

Wilhemina and her husband Michael originally planned only one project with Adams, but were so pleased with the results that they have since commissioned several more. She initially submitted personal designs to several cabinet companies that would turn a large open loft into a second bedroom/office. The idea was to combine a desk area, closet/storage space, and a sleeping area into one wall in order to minimize clutter and make the most of the space. Her plans involved a queen-sized Murphy bed which would fold up into the wall and become a desk when stowed away.

“We made the mistake of going to another furniture-maker. They advertised Murphy beds, saying they could build custom beds. It didn’t work out. After dealing with two other companies that couldn’t complete the construction, we thought Adams might be a long shot – however, they not only built and measured the wall, but perfectly installed a beautiful Murphy bed and the rest of my designs,” she said.

Adams successfully took down an existing partition in the loft and subsequently built up a bedroom wall and hallway wall. We also put in a storage walk-in closet room behind the Murphy bed wall. Unfortunately, soon following the initial construction, a home unit above Wilhemina’s apartment flooded, and all the work that had been done was damaged. She called Steve for help, and said his first question was about the Murphy bed wall and how he hoped it was still okay.

“It was hysterical,” she said. “He clearly cared so much about his project.” Soon afterwards, Wilhemina filed an insurance claim, and got Adams back on the job for round 2 of renovations. “Insurance jobs are tough and frustrating because of the financial budgeting, but Steve really made it happen within the budget. The financial constraints were hard on him, I know. They’re artists! In the end, everything came together, we were happy and he was happy with what he and his crew produced. They’re so honed in on their craft that it was amazing to come over the shop and watch them work. There is no comparison between workmanship that Adams did and the other companies we looked into. The caliber of work is just amazing.”

After re-doing their loft area again, Wilhemina also commissioned a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel including all custom cabinetry, vanities, and an island. The Murphy bed remains close to her heart, however. At the end of our interview, she made sure to mention that she usually carries a stack of business cards around with her to pass out to anyone who may need work done. “We’re running low,” she said. “We recommend you to everyone. If you’ve got more cards available, we’d love to have them.”

Thank you for the support, Wilhemina!



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